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HL Metals Ltd was formed in 2006 to provide a supply and installation service for traditional metal roofing to partner our already successful roofing and cladding design service. Both services can be combined as a package or accessed individually. The experience and skills of our personnel for both services spans over 30 years.


We are a family company and we encourage an open and friendly business ethic with our clients. We aim to gain the trust of our clients and for them to feel confident in their dealings with us where our advice and knowledge can be relied upon.


We cover all of Scotland including the Highlands and Islands and also Northern England and Wales.

We specialise in the supply and installation of roofing and cladding in:

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Completed Projects

HL Metals have worked on many projects varying in size from large public buildings to private houses. Please use the image links below to see a small selection of our completed projects by metal type.

Artist's Studio

Artist's Studio

Arbroath House

Arbroath House

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Zinc Projects

Zinc Projects

Copper Projects

Copper Projects



Technical Information

Roof Type Constructions

Longstrip metal roof constructions have traditionally been categorised into various types:


Cold Roof
In which the principle thermal insulation is placed at or immediately above the ceiling, resulting in the roof covering and structural deck being substantially colder in winter than the interior of the building.


Warm Roof
In which the principle thermal insulation is placed immediately below the roof covering, resulting in the structural deck and ceiling being at a temperature close to that of the interior of the building.


(The design principles of cold and warm roofs with regard to condensation and condensation control is the main difference between the two types.)


Inverted Roofs
In which the principle thermal insulation is placed above the roof covering, resulting in the roof covering structural deck and ceiling being at a temperature close to that of the interior of the building.


Hybrid Roofs
Combining the features of two or more of the roof types described above. Examples include structural decks with high thermal insulating properties combined with additional insulation and existing roofs to which thermal insulation is added.


For further technical information please contact us.

Standard Details

Typical Ridge Details


1. Separation Layer Standing Seam

2. Weatherproof Layer Option

3. Nailable Deck

4. 50mm Wide Metal Clips

5. Timber Ridge Pieces

6. Site Fixed Metal Capping

Warm Roof Construction Build Up


1. Standing Seam
2. Separation Layer
3. Weatherproof Layer Option
4. Nailable Deck
5. Insulation
6. Vapour Control Layer
7. Fixing Trim
8. Structural Deck
9. Standard Eaves Trim

Warm Roof Construction Build Up Alternative


1. Standing Seam
2. Separation Layer
3. Composite Decking
4. Closure Trim
5. Standard Eaves Trim
6. Structural Framing

Ventilated Ridge Detail


1. Vapour Control LayerStanding Seam
2. Separation Layer
3. Nailable Deck
4. Breather Membrane
5. Insulation
6. Structural Timber Frame
7. Minimum 50mm Air Void Above Insulation
8. Ceiling
9. Timber Upstands
10. 50mm Fixing Clips
11. 100mm Spacers at 600mm Centres
12. 10mm Insect Mesh
13. Packers at 600mm Centres
14. Capping Piece
15. Standard Trim
16. Metal Capping

Verge Detail


1. Standing Seam
2. Underlay
3. Nailable Deck
4. Metal Apron Site Formed
5. Timber Roof Framing and Fascia
6. Ventilation Gap for Cold Roofs in Accordance with Building Regulations

Valley Gutter with Welts


1. Standing Seam
2. Nailable Deck
3. Waterproof Membrane Liner
4. Underlay
5. Fixing Strip
6. Termination of Standing Seam Joint
7. Valley Lining

Eave Box Gutter Detail


1. Metal Faced Fascia
2. Vapour Check Bonded to Reverse
3. Metal Capping Site Formed
4. Metal Gutter Lining
5. Standard Eaves Trim
6. Undercloak and Welted Downstand Apron
7. 18mm Plywood Gutter Sole and Sides
8. Ventilation Gaps for Cold Roofs in Accordance with Building Regulations

Supply & Install

We provide many services to assist you with your project, e.g. pre-tender budget costs, product advice, roof build up advice, roofing substrate requirements, and recommended roof systems. Read More about Supply & Install...


With over 20 years' experience in the design of roofing and cladding using traditional metals, we have an excellent reputation in the industry for our knowledge, expertise and attention to detail.


  • It's the people who matter in any business. HL Metals' team were great. They worked on our zinc roof through some atrocious weather. They stuck to it, they didn't come and go, they started and they finished. And we now have a great zinc roof, much admired. Thank you.
    Peter Scott
  • Excellent job done by HL Metals who installed my new anthra zinc roof to replace my worn copper roof. Top class tradesmen-ship, very helpful and friendly attitude throughout roof installation.
    Paul Walker
  • We were very pleased with the appearance of our zinc roof and, now several years since it was fitted, with its quality. The surface was pre-aged when fitted and has not discernibly changed. We felt very comfortable with all the staff, both management and the fitting out team. The individuals on site cooperated with the other teams and provided some innovative solutions to non-roof related issues, such as window flashings. We are very happy to recommend them and to provide a reference site if required.
    Paul Smyth
  • HL Metals installed a zinc standing seam roof and cladding on my new house in 2014, and provided excellent technical support and service throughout the project. I would recommend their services; particularly important at the early design stage where it is vital to review all technical details before the work begins.
    Katherine Low
  • It was important to us to use local suppliers. We were delighted with the job carried out by Tom Lennon and his team on the first zinc roofed Passive House standard new build in Lomond & Trossachs National Park. After two years, the oxidised zinc blends nicely with slate roofs in the village.
    Mary Sweetland
  • We employed HL Metals to supply and install a zinc roof on a contemporary glass extension a few years ago. We were very impressed with the service and finished product and some years later, when designing a new home, we decided that we wanted the entire house to have a zinc roof and to employ HL Metals once again. The company is run by the very friendly and efficient team of Tom and Katie and their employees who work on site are helpful and able. The finished product is maintenance-free and beautiful. I would recommend HL Metals to anyone!
    Jane Taylor
  • HL Metals have made the extra effort to install this project with an admirable high level of precision in a testing environment, helping achieve the architects' vision. Personally I would like to thank the fitters for their hard work as well, obviously the building was nothing without them.
    Eddie Blake

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